The Secret Session Cannabis Cup is the leading cannabis competition. Founded in 2019 by TheSecretSession, The Cannabis Cup has evolved into a globally recognized brand of the best cannabis products in the world.


A big thank you to all the competitor’s that entered their product into the cup this year! This year all the competitors brought a lot of heat to the table, there was a lot of fire and a lot of judges had a hard time crowing the winners!

We gather all results together from judges, average the scores average the scores and we are left with the top 3 winners from each category.

All categories has was filled with some quality entries, some of the best we have seen! This year we decided to add a “Hash Holes” Category into the mix and boy was it crazy! all categories got filled up so fast we had to stop taking entries!

The competitor’s really showed their skills this time around by rolling some of the finest joints the industry has seen! You can click the relevant image to have a look at this years nominations.


We also would like to give a huge thank you to all of our sponsors this year, your support means a lot and makes it possible for us to continue making strides towards our goal. We are grateful for your support of The Secret Session. Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to continue doing what we do.


We want to keep the competition fair as possible, thats why we keep all entries unbranded. Entries are judged by industry professionals in their respected field, the competition ranks entries as measured by the judges’ votes, and crowns the top three products per category. This year we have added a few more awards to the comp as there was so much fire we had to give credit where it is due.


Best Overall

Place Strain Company Entry
1 The Carbon Diamond Fire 19
2 Sharklato Cam 03
3 Ponzu Dubz Garden 26

Best Smoking

Place Strain Company Entry
1 The Carbon Diamond Fire 19
2 Rainbow Crack Drops California 04
3 Runtz AMD Farms 02


Award Strain Company Entry
Best Appearance Kush Mints Cam 22
Best Aroma Zkittles 365 Canna Farms 23
Best Taste Zkittlindia BTY 10
Best Burn LCG X Zkittles Planta Cannabis 05


Best Overall

Place Strain Company Entry
1 Pancakes Kenjana Extracts 16
2 Lemon Royale Papa Selects 21
3 Papaya Fresh Press Hella Hash Co 18

Best Terps

Place Strain Company Entry
1 Fatso Mountain Man Melts 12
2 ZCube BTY 02
3 Pink Papaya American Hash Co 08

Hash Holes

Best Overall

Place Company Entry
1 GT Rolling X Kush Cannons 10
2 Diamond Fire 01
3 Mountain Man Melts 02

Best Burn

Place Company Entry
1 GT Rolling X Kush Cannons 10
2 CGO Lyfestyle 07
3 Rich Rollz 05


Best Overall

Place Strain Company Entry
1 Zoap Holy Water 710 03
2 Gelinator Dope Flavors 01
3 Purp Teprs Casa Flor X Friendly Drugs USA 02


Best Overall

Place Product Company Entry
1 Conchas Dr Green Farts 12
2 Rozzy Rings Sumar Farms 15
3 Tropical Lemonade Cozy Cubes 13

Best Taste

Place Product Company Entry
1 Rainbow Rubble Papa Selects 03
2 Enpandas Dr Green Farts 14
3 Hashtroids EtFarms 11

Thank you to everybody that entered into the cup this year! We will be back in the very soon with more events , products and competitions! Stay tuned for more info!