A big thank you to all the competitor’s that entered their product into the cup this year! This year all the competitors brought a lot of heat to the table, there was a lot of fire and a lot of judges had a hard time crowing the winners!

We gather all results together from judges, average the scores average the scores and we are left with the top 3 winners from each category. This year was a blast! the stage was set as all the competitors gathered to watch the live results being announced love from the Heart of Barcelona.

The room was filled with some of the biggest names in the industry from all over the globe. Silence takes over the room as Fields started things off by sharing his opinions on this years flower entries. The edibles results were the first to be announced.

With a total of 15 entries for our edibles category the judges had a hard job ahead. The edibles box featured an array of Gummies, Chocolates and also baked goods. Something that stood out was a huge chocolate cigar, completely edible, it was definitely something that caught my eye! 

Next came the extracts ,rosin and hashish category’s. These were full of Terpy Goodness. Finally we have the flower category, this year we had a total of 24 flower entries. All of these entries was high quality, there was a diverse mix of strains within the kit and nearly everything had its own unique aroma.


We also would like to give a huge thank you to all of our sponsors this year, your support means a lot and makes it possible for us to continue making strides towards our goal. We are grateful for your support of The Secret Session. Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to continue doing what we do.